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Is Healing on Your Wish List This Christmas?

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Do you need healing in your body? With all the hustle and bustle, don’t forget to put healing on your wish list this Christmas—then open it!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As we celebrate the greatest gift ever given—Jesus—we enjoy the tradition of exchanging gifts with friends and family. Maybe you’ve even dropped a few hints about what you’d like to see under the tree. In the midst of planning for giving and receiving special packages, is healing on your wish list this Christmas?


If you have been struggling with sickness, disease, any kind of discomfort, allergies or anything that isn’t quite right in your body, there is a special package waiting for you to open—the gift of healing. It isn’t something that just showed up, either. It’s been there all along.


Learn how to use The Keys That Unlock Healing here.


How can you receive healing? The same way KCM Partner Claudia Crider did in 2014 when she was diagnosed with cancer. Claudia had been healthy and didn’t have any signs of sickness or disease. But after a routine mammogram, the radiologist saw something concerning and suggested a biopsy. When the results came back—it was cancer.


Claudia had been sitting under Word of Faith teaching for years, and had even attended Kenneth Copeland Ministries events. So, her first response was not one of fear—it was a holy anger. She said to the devil, “How dare you put this on me?”


Because she had built a solid foundation on the Word of God, that was her first line of defense. Here is the plan of action Claudia used to claim healing from cancer:


  1. She went to the Scriptures and found verses about healing.
  2. She printed out a three-page list of those scriptures and kept it in her Bible.
  3. She spoke them out three times each day.
  4. She continued to confess them until it went from her head to her heart—when it was so real to her that no one could talk her out of it.


As she was standing in faith for her healing, the doctors had scheduled a lumpectomy to remove the tissue and check to see if the disease had spread. The morning of the surgery, she wrote down what she was believing for, so she would have a documented record of what she was using her faith to receive. Her list included the following:


  • The surgery would find no traces of cancer at all
  • There would be no complications
  • She would have a great testimony to share with others.


After the surgery, she was expecting a good report. When they called, they told her, “We can’t find anything abnormal on your tissue.” It was gone! No cancer.They told her they couldn’t figure out how it had just disappeared.


Claudia’s healing came because of her stand of faith. She says, “There’s facts and there’s truth. The diagnosis is on a piece of paper, but the truth is in the Word, and that’s what causes us to be healed.”


We must resist sickness with the same determination that we resist sin. When we understand that, we will begin to see it is no more difficult to receive healing than it is to receive salvation. Like salvation, healing is available to all, but it comes only to those who receive it. A demand must be placed on the power of God through your faith. When it is, God’s healing power will flow into your body. The key is developing your faith.


God’s plan for you is healing, wholeness, peace and supernatural health. So, if you need it, put healing on your Christmas list this year. Then, unwrap it with your faith.


Watch Claudia’s testimony here: