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26 Reasons to Be Thankful

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If there were ever a time when we needed to focus on being thankful—it’s now. As Thanksgiving Day approaches, let’s take a step back from the temptation to grumble about the state of our world and magnify the good things God has given us to enjoy.

As we’ve learned from so many others before us in the Bible, complaining and failing to be thankful never yield good results. Gratitude and praise, on the other hand, are tightly connected to spiritual blessings. Thankfulness paves the way for healing and miracles. Thankfulness improves relationships, increases contentment, wards off depression, reduces stress, promotes generosity and positivity, and makes you more likable. Most important of all—it shows the world what God is really like.

No matter what is going on, there is ALWAYS something to the thankful for—many somethings, in fact! Every day, we can choose to be thankful, and not just as a general feeling, but directing our gratitude to the One who is “the giver of every good and perfect gift” (James 1:17). In no particular order, here are 26 reasons (of thousands) to be thankful this Thanksgiving season and every day!

1. Salvation

If you are a born-again Christian, you can be thankful every day that you’ve been saved by the blood of Jesus! The blood of Jesus has blotted out all your sins, redeemed you from every curse, and rescued you from the powers of darkness. Now, that’s something to shout about!

2. Furry Friends

Dogs, cats, guinea pigs or any other cuddly pet bring so much joy to life. Be thankful for your furry friends. They can bring a smile to your face no matter how your day is going, they love you unconditionally, and they’re funny!

3. A Home

It might be easy to take it for granted, but having a home is a HUGE blessing and something to be thankful for every day. Not only does a home provide shelter, but also comfort, safety and a place to make memories. Today, be thankful for your home and praise God for providing one for you.

4. Family

Family can get messy sometimes. They can hurt or disappoint you. But those who work to be a blessing are a real joy to the heart. Focus today on being thankful for family members who stand by you through the good and challenging times. Be grateful that God has given you an even bigger family of believers to walk through life with and spur each other on to greatness.

5. Good Health

Even if you’re believing for healing in one area of your body, you can be thankful for good health in the rest of your body! In fact, praising God for good eyesight, a strong heart, good hearing, strong muscles or anything else that is right in your body will increase your faith for healing wherever it’s needed.

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6. Church

If you weren’t grateful for your church and the right to attend church, the events of this past year have likely changed that. We should have such thankful hearts that we can gather together with other believers to lift high the Name of Jesus! There are so many blessings to be found in church.

7. Your Country

No matter what is going on in your country, you can be thankful for your citizenship there! Democracy, capitalism and the right to vote are all things we should be so thankful for in America, in particular. No matter where we live, we have the honor and privilege of praying for our own country—the one God has called us to steward.

8. God’s Word

God’s Word is the most precious gift we could ever receive. If you have a Bible, you are blessed to have the Word of God—His promises, His instructions, His blessings and His commands all wrapped in one life-giving book. Be thankful for God’s Word and that you have access to the words of the Most High every day.

9. God’s Creation

Beautiful green trees, fluffy clouds, the bright blue sky, and shimmering stars in the night sky. There are so many reasons to be thankful for God’s creation. You can see Him in the mountains, the crashing ocean waves, the sunrises and sunsets. They were all created for our enjoyment. His power and majesty, and the depth of His love are all seen in His creation.

10. Good Food

God, in His goodness, created good food for our enjoyment. It’s amazing how much a good cup of coffee or a slice of decadent chocolate cake can enhance your day! What a blessing it is to have access to nutritious food and even an occasional treat.

11. Holidays

Celebrations bring so much joy to life! The food, the decorations, the air of excitement are all things we look forward to throughout the year. Turkey dinner, pumpkin spice, Christmas cookies, Christmas lights, presents under the tree and that warm feeling you get. We can be thankful for holidays, the freedom to celebrate and all the wonderful things they bring to our lives during the season.

12. Marriage

What a blessing marriage is! No, it isn’t easy. Yes, it takes a lot of work. But the rewards of your efforts are unending. If you’ve been focusing on the flaws of your spouse lately, take some time today to write down a list of all the wonderful things about your husband or wife. Then, be sure to give it to him or her! It will remind you both why your relationship is so powerful in the Kingdom.

13. Children

Psalm 127:3 (NKJV) says, “Children are a heritage from the Lord.” Jesus loved children for the same reason many of us do—they are innocent, full of faith, ready to believe the best about people and situations, and full of excitement and wonder. Children can change your perspective with one simple statement or a heartfelt giggle. The way they view the world is so positive and fresh. Today, let’s be thankful for children—not only for our own children and grandchildren but for all those we are blessed to have in the world.

14. A Job

Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted what it means to have a job. It can be tempting to grumble or complain about the demands, a boss or a lack of recognition. But a job is a great blessing from the Lord. Next time you’re tempted to complain about your job, remember how many people are without a job—a means of providing the necessities for themselves and their families—and be thankful for your job.

15. Forgiveness

Whenever you repent to the Lord for any sin—great or small—doesn’t a sense of relief and gratitude wash over you? The devil wants to tattoo every slip-up right on your soul for all eternity. But God, in His goodness, said no and instead sent Jesus to wash them away as if they never happened. It’s a good day to be thankful for forgiveness—today and every day—because, above all else, it sets us totally and completely free.

16. Hope

Maybe you’re saying, “I don’t have hope right now.” But hope is a choice. Hope isn’t just wanting something or wishing for it—it is supernatural expectation.

No matter what, we always have hope. Our hope is found in Jesus, who redeemed us from the curse, cleansed us of all sin, and set us free into a life we are to live abundantly. No matter what is going on in the world or in our personal lives, we always have hope in Him. And that is something to be thankful for.

17. Peace That Passes Understanding

We have something the rest of the world doesn’t: peace. And not just any peace, but a peace that passes all understanding (Philippians 4:7). That means, when others are panicking, we’re relaxed and certain of our victory. What others fear doesn’t even faze us. That’s a peace that is beyond any human’s ability to understand. It just doesn’t make sense to them. But they want to have it. God is so good. We can be thankful for something all the world would love to have—peace that passes understanding.

18. Healing

Glory to God, healing belongs to us as children of God! We can be thankful for healing because through the blood of Jesus, by His stripes, we are healed (Isaiah 53:5). We can live and walk in divine health and healing all the days of our lives. We have power and authority over sickness and death. That is not only exciting but something to be thankful for today!

19. Recreation

Isn’t it wonderful to be blessed with the ability to spend time doing things you really enjoy? Vacationing, hiking, kayaking, shopping, skiing, knitting, golfing, spending time with friends or anything else you enjoy is a real blessing of the Lord. Recreation is so important in our lives and can refresh us for the work ahead. Be thankful for recreation, and be sure to participate in fun activities on a regular basis!

20. Laughter

When is the last time you had a good laugh? Maybe it’s been too long! Laughter is not only fun, but it is proven to be good for your physical and mental health. It prevents disease and strengthens your spirit. Laughter really is good medicine (Proverbs 17:22)! Take some time to be thankful for laughter and work to incorporate more laughter into your life each day. You’ll be thankful for the benefits of laughter for years to come.

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Wisdom is a game changer. It makes good decisions, it pleases God, it treats others well, it always seeks the truth, and it isn’t wise in its own eyes. In short, wisdom will give you great success in every area of life. But wisdom isn’t available to just anyone. God says He gives wisdom to those who ask for it (James 1:5). We have access to Wisdom Himself, which is beyond any knowledge the world could ever acquire. We can be thankful for wisdom because it is a rare treasure, indeed.

22. Love

Love is the most powerful force in all the universe. There is nothing on earth that love can’t conquer. And we have access to it every minute of every day! Because God is Love, if you are born again, you have access to everything that goes along with this powerful force. Love fuels our faith, love covers over sin, love forgives, love endures, love triumphs, love perseveres, love heals, love delivers, love saves, love comforts. Love never fails. So be thankful for the love of God, the love of others, and the love we can express to others.

23. Friends

Godly friends are a blessing. They encourage, listen, make you laugh, and if they really love you, call you out in areas where you could improve. Walking through life with wise and caring friends makes you a better person and improves your health, too! If you haven’t expressed thanks to your friends for who they are in your life, today is the day! And be thankful to God for bringing them into your life.

24. New Opportunities

Every day is a new opportunity! God opens doors for His people all the time. All we have to do is obey to Him, fellowship with Him and seize the moment when it comes. Be thankful for every new opportunity in your life—a new ministry, a new friendship, a new job or a new chance to bless someone else.

25. Prayer

Communion with the Father is a sacred and precious line of communication with the Most High. Prayer is a comfort anytime, any day and in any situation. When those who are not saved face trials, they face them alone. But we have a line to heaven that opens the door to supernatural answers, intervention and MIRACLES. Don’t make prayer a ritual or something to check off your to-do list. Be thankful that you can talk to God about anything and everything.

26. Who God Is

Imagine being in this world alone—no one standing with you no matter what, no matter where, and no matter how long. But we don’t have to imagine such a hopeless scenario because we have Almighty God. Above every other reason listed, be thankful for who God is. He is your Comforter, your Healer, your Deliverer, your Defender, your Strong Tower, your Corrector, your Teacher, your Very Present Help in Time of Need—to name only a few. God is a good God, and He calls you His friend. That’s something to be thankful for more than anything else you could ever have in this world.

These 26 reasons to be thankful will renew your attitude of gratitude this Thanksgiving! The devil will always try to keep you focused on the negative in life, but when you refuse his invitation to grumble, and instead focus on being thankful, you will be happier, healthier and in a perfect position for breakthrough.

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