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21 Ways to Infuse Your Life With the Word of God

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The Word of God can impact your life in powerful ways. It can teach you about God’s methods of doing things, give you hope and teach you.

The Word of God in Second Timothy 3:16 puts it this way, “All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right.”

Here are 21 ways to infuse your life with God’s Word:

  1. Set aside a morning quiet time devoted to reading the Bible and prayer. Get a recipe for your daily quiet time here. 
  2. Attend church.
  3. Listen to faith-building teaching CDs.
  4. Place sticky notes of your favorite Bible verses around your house and office.
  5. Listen to the Bible on CD or via a Bible app such as YouVersion.
  6. Make notecards of scriptures, and use them as bookmarks.
  7. Listen to music that reflects the Word of God, and put Scripture to music.
  8. Start your workday with a daily devotional. Kenneth and Gloria have a FREE, online devotional for you here.
  9. Schedule lunch with friends who encourage you with the Word of God.
  10. Watch faith-filled ministers. VICTORY™ network (formerly BVOVN) features faith-filled ministers 24/7. Learn how you can watch VICTORY™ network.
  11. Join a Bible study—online or in person.
  12. Join KCM’s Partner Community to connect with like-minded believers and to discuss the Word of God online.
  13. End your day by reading or listening to a Bible passage.
  14. Watch the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast every day.
  15. Join a local small group for fellowship and Bible study.
  16. Share a scripture with someone in need. Social media makes this very easy to do!
  17. Listen to faith-based podcasts on your way to and from work. Click here for information about how to access KCM’s daily podcast.
  18. Become a prayer partner with a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led friend.
  19. Read books that will teach you about God’s Word. Check out some of our latest offers.
  20. Take one of our FREE, online Believers’ Academy courses. View our course list here.
  21. Memorize and meditate on at least one scripture every week, and journal about what you learn.

Let the Word of God begin infusing your life today!