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2024 Word of The LORD by Hank Kunneman: Marked by Great Change

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On Nov. 10, 2023 of the 2023 Omaha Victory Campaign, the Lord gave a word for the Body of Christ through Hank Kunneman, senior pastor of Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Neb. The Lord promised that 2024 would be a year marked by change and commanded believers not to fear. In this prophecy delivered by Hank Kunneman, God said:

2024…shall be marked by acceleration. It shall be marked by great change that shall come in the earth and shall affect and shake even the political powers that have brought evil, and they have thought that their agenda could stand at this time. But I am shaking it, and there will not only be great change but watch and look. You will see My anointing at a level that you have prayed, you have believed for, you have desired. And this anointing that I speak of shall destroy the works of darkness that thought that they could enslave this country and bring it into a socialistic empire.

Hank Kunneman continued, I speak because of the remnant who have stood, who have prayed, who have fasted and who have called upon My Name. Therefore, I have come to bring great restoration and great reversal. And you will see, as My anointing destroys these yokes, that have thought they would be the future for you, for your nation and for your children.

Watch this 2024 Word of The LORD prophecy that was delivered by Hank Kunneman.