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Is Poverty God’s Will? Ministry Minute

Is poverty God’s will? Find out In this Ministry Minute teaching by Kenneth Copeland. Has God lifted you out of poverty? Encourage someone with your testimony in the comments below.   Have you ever wondered, is poverty God’s will? In this Ministry Minute video teaching, Kenneth Copeland explains how poverty is not God’s will for your…


How to Get Rid of Poverty for Good!

You can live blessed and prosperous! by Kenneth Copeland In the 1960s, the United States government launched a war on poverty. It was officially declared by President Lyndon Johnson, and at the time it must have seemed like a good idea to many people—both Democrats and Republicans. There was just one problem: Poverty was not…


Take a Permanent Vacation From Lack

by Kenneth Copeland Poverty or lack of any kind is not a money problem. It’s a spiritual problem. It came on mankind through the curse of sin, and there’s only one way you can solve it: by renewing your mind to what Jesus did for you through the plan of redemption. Here are a few…