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Going Through a Storm? Ministry Minute with Keith Moore

Going through a storm in life? Watch this Ministry Minute with Keith Moore and discover the best biblical advice for going through challenges.     All people, including Christians, encounter seasons when they need help overcoming challenges in life. Jobs change, relationships get bumpy, and finances come up short. It’s necessary in those rocky times…


Why Is Depression So Dangerous: Ministry Minute with Keith Moore

In this Ministry Minute video by Kenneth Copeland Ministries, respected minister and teacher Keith Moore tackles the question: Why is Depression Dangerous for Christians?   Perhaps you’ve experienced sadness and/or disappointment in your life. That’s to be expected. Everyone endures times when loved ones die, relationships end, jobs change, markets fluctuate or unfairness happens. The…


Laughter is Good Medicine: Ministry Minute

Want to know why laughter is good medicine? Watch this Ministry Minute video with Keith Moore.   You’ve heard that laughter is good medicine, providing a healthy boost to your heart, mind, and immune system. It’s a truth the Bible proclaims in Proverbs 17:22 when it says: “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a…