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Is Confrontation Love? Ministry Minute

Is it wrong to confront a Christian who is not living according to the Bible? Is confrontation love? In this Ministry Minute, Jesse Duplantis gives us some insight. Is confrontation love, and if so, how do you confront in love? And what does confronting in love look like for Christian believers? In this Ministry Minute…


7 Steps to Develop An Uncommon Faith

If you’re done living an average life, it’s time to trade average faith for the kind that brings extraordinary results. It’s time to develop an uncommon faith! When you were a child, did you ever aspire to grow up and be average? Did you dream of just getting by and living a so-so life? Hopefully…


Live 2016 Deficit Free

Adopt this principle and watch your deficits disappear! by Jesse Duplantis Deficits. Just reading that word probably makes you cringe. Deficits aren’t fun. They mean lack and struggle, which usually lead to fear and worry. No one likes deficits, yet it seems like everyone has them. But, everyone doesn’t have to. In my 28 years…