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Memorable Moments from KCM’s First-Ever Tour of Israel

What an experience! Check out our memorable moments from KCM’s first-ever tour of Israel and see why the Holy Land is forever in our hearts! KCM’s first-ever tour of Israel, which occurred on May 24 – June 4, certainly lived up to our expectations! Attended by KCM Partners and friends, as well as EMIC church…


Honoring Israel’s 70th Anniversary: LIVE COVERAGE

We’re honoring Israel’s 70th Anniversary on Monday, May 14 with LIVE COVERAGE of two special events! Here’s how you can join us as we celebrate this historic milestone in Israel’s history! Join us at 8 a.m. CT for LIVE COVERAGE of the U.S. Embassy Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Watch LIVE on VICTORY™ network (formerly BVOVN®) (via…