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The Top 5 Deceptions in the Church

Religious tradition, personal opinions or a hardened heart can all lead to deception. Find out if you’ve fallen for any of these common deceptions in the Church. It’s easier than you think… …to be deceived. We all want to believe it can’t happen to us, but it can—and to many, it does. The worst part?…


Ready for Great Change in 2020? 3 Reasons It Starts at Church

READING TIME: 4 MINUTES Stop going to church. You never thought you’d hear that from us, did you? Here’s the reason why. When you just show up every week at a church service, you’re shortchanging yourself, and you’re keeping yourself stuck right where you are in life. Which, if you’re merely a church attendee, is…


Superkid Academy Curriculum to Debut in 2010

Twenty years ago, Commander Kellie and the Superkids were born. From movie adventures to comics and novels, parents and educators have long appreciated their uncompromised message of faith in the Word for their children. Now, in early 2010, KCM is excited to debut Superkid Academy Curriculum . “It is finally here!” Kellie Copeland Swisher said.…