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Somebody’s Stealing Your Boat!

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The streets were a river, and things in the house were “popping up” in LaPlace, Louisiana, when Hurricane Isaac came through. Pastor’s wife said, “Somebody’s stealing your boat!” He ran outside in time to see the neighbor guiding the boat onto the street. Pastor ran outside in time to see a man guiding his boat onto the street of water. The man in the boat shouted, “I’m sorry, man, but I’ve got kids and I’ve got to get them out of here!”

Pastor said, “Let me take you all in the boat to safety, then I can come back and get my family.”

The pastor’s family knew God would take care of them! They are still declaring that God is with them. They expect the outcome of this disaster to be something bigger and better than ever before. Although they lost most of their belongings, Pastor was able to find a beloved book—a daily devotional by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, From Faith to Faith.

The Kenneth Copeland Disaster Relief team was there to locate Partners and help in this time of need. The Pastor rejoiced saying, “We are Partners with a ministry that cares!”

Click here to learn more about the KCM Disaster Relief Team. 

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