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Turning Up the Power

Oh, God, I need more power! Please…please…please give me more power, LORD! Have you ever prayed a prayer like that? I have. In fact, some years ago I was praying along those lines, earnestly beseeching God to give me greater power to minister. It was a fine, very spiritual-sounding prayer. But The LORD interrupted me…


God, Is This a Test?

How to pass every test with God’s open Book. by Gloria Copeland There’s a problem—a health concern, financial troubles, a relationship struggle, a work issue. You can’t help but ask, “Lord, is this a test?” The fact is, every person alive will face challenges of some sort in his or her lifetime. Jesus said, “In…


Live Healed!

When sickness strikes, it’s wonderful to receive healing from the Lord. But you know what’s even better? Living in divine health all the time. That’s something I’ve endeavored to learn how to do and I’ve really gotten the hang of it. Praise God, I’ve been living healed for many years now! What’s more, I have…