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Reinhard Bonnke Preaches Jesus Christ to America

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German-born Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke has preached to millions of people on the continent of Africa. His ministry, Christ For All Nations, has hosted 411 crusades in 392 cities. In one single meeting there were 1.6 million people documented to be in attendance. As a result of these crusades, over 73 million people have received Jesus as Savior.

Now, God is changing Rev. Bonnke’s direction to the United States. He is preaching to bring the people of America to Jesus. It’s a large task, but God has assured Rev. Bonnke that America will be saved! Recently, during a meeting in Houston, Texas, 27,000 were in attendance and over 3,000 people accepted Jesus as their Savior.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries continues to support Rev. Bonnke and this evangelistic project with prayers and financial gifts. Thank you, KCM Partners! Together with Rev. Bonnke, we will see America saved!