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Reaction Tour Uganda 2015…Look What The Lord Has Done!

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THANK YOU, JESUS! Once again, our trip to Uganda was a huge SUCCESS! Thanks to everyone who sent in shoes, sowed financial seeds, and—most importantly—prayed for us.

We had a mission set before us, and through the grace of God, we conquered.

For a full week, 600 youth joined us. Every day we filled their hearts with preaching and worship, followed by activities including basketball, soccer, dance, volleyball, workshops on leadership and worship. Each camp, The Lord has been faithful to show us how to extend our ministry through these activities.

This year, we had over 150 salvations! At the end of camp, during Healing School, we made a “tunnel” (made up of the Reaction Tour team and Ugandan ministry leaders standing side by side), for anyone who wanted healing in their home, heart, mind or body. ALMOST ALL OF THE 600 KIDS CAME THROUGH THIS TUNNEL. We poured out what The Lord had waiting for them. It was one of the most powerful ministry times I have ever experienced. Kids were saved, lives were changed, and most importantly, The Lord was present!

We know that He does not let a work go unfinished. I am so thankful for every seed planted during the week. From the shoes, to the food, to The Word, The Lord revealed Himself to every person there.

Again, THANK YOU. We could not have held this camp without you. Continue to follow us to see where The Lord leads us next!

Be blessed and remember…

Jesus Is Lord!







Courtney Copeland