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The Partnership Exchange—You and KCM Together

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“Our greatest days of ministry lie ahead as we minister alongside one another in this glorious partnership exchange!” –Kenneth Copeland

What Is Partnership?

It’s more than giving and sowing. It’s more than prayer. It’s a covenant—a joining together in faith. It’s being a part of something bigger than yourself.  More than that—it’s POWER!


It may seem like a foreign idea to you—having a hand in what a large, global ministry is accomplishing. Partnership reaches far beyond just you and KCM. It reaches the people of our world with the good news of THE BLESSING.


But, this idea of partnership is nothing new. God called people alongside Jesus to be His partners—His disciples, the apostles. They walked with Him. They witnessed victory after victory in the lives of people while ministering alongside Him. When the Apostle Paul was sent on his mission by Jesus, he, too, partnered with people in every town to which the Lord sent him.


Before KCM ever believed God for men and women who would be Partners in ministry, God asked Kenneth and Gloria Copeland to commit to three things:

  1. Never ask a man for a place to preach
  2. Never ask people for money to get the ministry by
  3. Never preach anywhere based on a financial agreement.


Through the revelation of partnership, KCM itself sows into other ministries. God revealed in His Word a relationship is established in giving—a relationship that directly links the giver to the gifts He pours out on men and women of ministry.


A Spiritual Gold Mine

Do you need greater faith? More anointing? Increase? The power of Partnership is greater than anything you have ever imagined. It’s a spiritual gold mine.

Partnership gives you access to the giftings, anointings and revelations of other ministers. And—it gets what you need into your hands. How? In these three simple ways:


  1. Sowing and Reaping

When you partner with a ministry, you are sowing into the plans and purposes of God through those He has anointed. This transfers back to the sower in the form of both a personal and a kingdom-wide harvest.


Let’s look at a very familiar verse in Galatians. Verse 7 says, “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows” (NIV).


When we sow seeds of faith into good soil, they always produce a harvest.


  1. A Prophet’s Reward

“If you receive a prophet as one who speaks for God, you will be given the same reward as a prophet” (Matthew 10:41a).


God began partnerships in the Old Testament and continued in the New. He designed this system to dramatically increase the abilities, resources and rewards of every believer.


Even if you aren’t on the front lines of the fivefold ministry—apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher—if you’re in partnership with someone who is, you receive the same eternal reward for every person who is born again, strengthened, healed or delivered!


But, it doesn’t stop there! Partnership is one of God’s ways of providing blessings for us here and now. When we follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit and come together in partnership as He directs, we’ll all be fully supplied.


“We pray because we want you to have the good things we know are yours as a result of our partnership (Philippians 4:11, 17).” –Kenneth Copeland


  1. Partake of the Grace

Partners of KCM are covered in prayer on a daily basis. When a natural disaster occurs anywhere in the world, our staff seeks to find out if we have Partners in the area. They are covered in prayer by the ministry and by our Partners around the world—all of us praying, agreeing and joining our faith together.


Corporate prayers, faith and anointing provide a covering of grace. When you, as a Partner, pray for us, you’re praying for other Partners, as well. When we pray for them, we’re also praying for you. That’s the exchange and flow of prayer and anointing. That’s how God designed it. That’s what partnership is all about.


It’s about partaking of each other’s grace. The Bible says one can put a thousand to flight and two—10,000 (Deuteronomy 32:30). Just imagine what hundreds of thousands of KCM Partners are doing right now!


“Our Partners stand alongside us, pray for us and believe God with us. And, as your Partners, that’s exactly what we do for you. We are right beside you, praying for you and believing God with you.” –Kenneth Copeland


That’s what partnership is. Working together—voicing the truth, living the victory, and ministering the life-changing power of the gospel.


We are called to minister together. God has places for us to go and people for us to reach. Together, we are finishing the mission to which He called the Church!


Discover and enjoy the power available to you as a Partner in ministry. Discover your voice, your victory and your ministry!



You Change Everything.

Ready to join KCM in Partnership? Become a Partner here.