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Ministry Minute: How Bad Do You Want It?

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Are you believing for something to come to pass in your life that just hasn’t happened yet? We’ve all been there! It can be hard to understand why the promises of God haven’t happened yet. While there can be many reasons, one question to ask yourself is, How bad do you want it?

Faithful Abraham is a good example. He wanted God more than ANYTHING else in life, so he pursued God with all he had. Listen as Kenneth explains more in this Ministry Minute teaching, How Bad Do You Want It?


The Bible says repeatedly that those who seek God with their whole heart will find Him. Pursue God with all your heart, and you will see the power of God move. What seemed impossible will become a reality. If Abraham can do it, so can you!


Thank you for joining us for this Ministry Minute with Kenneth Copeland. Have faith in God, and always remember… Jesus Is Lord!


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