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by Gloria Copeland


“I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you. For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”

Matthew 18:19-20, New Living Translation

There’s nothing on earth more powerful than the prayers of believers who are walking together in love. Love puts them in harmony with one another. It aligns them with the will of The LORD and brings them into agreement.

The devil hates agreement between believers. Agreement opens the windows of heaven to us and closes the door on every destructive thing he can do. So he continually tries to disrupt that agreement by causing strife and division in the places where believers come together in the most powerful way: the family and the church.

Until now, you may not have realized the spiritual value of your family. But the fact is, if you have family members who are believers, your family can be a powerful force for God. So make it your goal to stay out of strife and walk in harmony with those closest to you. Keep in mind the old saying, “Charity (or love) begins at home.”


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Oddly enough, home is often the most difficult place to be loving. Could it be because we don’t have our guard up there? We’re not worried about our reputation or trying to impress anyone. At home, nothing will stop us from being selfish—except our commitment to walk in the love of God.

So, first and foremost, practice the lifestyle of love with your brothers and sisters, your spouse and your children. See to it that your prayers prevail by being in harmony with the members of your own family. The moment you slip up and get into strife, make it right. Repent, ask their forgiveness and jump right back into your love walk.

You may have to repent quite a bit at first because you’ve probably developed habits that will take a while to change. But don’t get discouraged with yourself when you miss it. Just keep trusting The LORD to help you. Keep acting on The WORD. Keep going and growing in love!

LOVE ASSIGNMENT: Take a little personal survey of your love walk in your family. Do some members of your family irritate you more than others? Sit down and talk with that person. Discuss the challenges you have. And let them know you would like to walk in love with them from here on out.