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Kenneth Copeland Ministries Partners to Send Medical Supplies to Haiti

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In a continued effort to help support the people of Haiti, Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) announced today that it has partnered with several ministries to send a flight to Haiti with $2.7 million of medical supplies, and 7,000 pounds of much-needed antibiotics. KCM has joined forces with Pastor Keith Moore of Faith Life Church, Branson, Mo., Billye Brim of Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks, Buddy Shipp of American Samaritan, Dale McCowan, a businessman from Tulsa, Okla., and Glen Hyde, who coordinated this mission, to send an aircraft to Haiti and deliver the important medical supplies and antibiotics.

According to Mr. Hyde, the flight will land at Cap-Haïtien on the northwest coast of Haiti. The supplies will be distributed to the following ministries: Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, International Healthcare Network (led by Dr. Paul Williams), and the Christian Haitian Outreach Orphanage. Kenneth Copeland Ministries and its partners on this mission are working diligently to assist on the ground in Haiti, aiding in relief efforts alongside other ministries and agencies from the United States and around the world.

In addition to this mission, KCM has been supporting the Haitian people for over 10 years, by sending monthly funds to support a Haitian orphanage and related outreaches. In regard to the present disaster relief needs, KCM has sent relief funds to Christian Haitian Outreach, Operation Blessing, American Samaritan and Mission Harvest America.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries and its partners and friends remain dedicated to meeting the needs of people by putting feet to our faith and proclaiming to the world that Jesus is Lord.

We will be posting video from this mission as soon as it is available from Haiti, right here at

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