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Kenneth Copeland Commemorates Oral Roberts's Life of Service

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Oral Roberts not only changed the direction of Gloria’s and my life but he and his ministry changed the spiritual complexion of the United States and most of the world concerning God’s goodness. His statement, “God is a good God” became a revelation to untold millions of people who up until he opened our eyes, thought God was our problem. He showed us that God was not our problem. He was our Healer. The biggest thing in our own lives and ministry was the revelation of God’s bounty and that it was His will, not only to keep His people in good health, but also in divine prosperity.

The miracle of seed faith is now part of the driving force in the lives of multiple millions of people all over the world, preachers and laymen alike. It’s an awesome thought to go to heaven for Christmas and be met by more than 50 million people that we know of that are there, because they met Jesus through his ministry.

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