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KCM Opens a Free Toy Store in Joplin for Christmas

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It looked like Christmas toys would have to wait until next year. The EF5 tornado that struck Joplin, Mo., destroyed everything in its path. Food and shelter were top priorities. But, the Kenneth Copeland Ministries Disaster Relief team in conjunction with their Partners knew they could do something to make the season brighter. The KCM team working with Pastor Daniel Wehmuth II, Joplin Family Worship Center, opened a Free Toy Store! Parents and grandparents were able to shop for brand new Christmas toys that were straight off the shelves of major stores.

Everyone was so grateful to KCM. “Without you guys, my grandchildren would have gotten nothing,” cried one grandmother.

“We’re still in a FEMA trailer. We didn’t see any way Christmas could have come this year,” expressed another thankful mother.

Another exclaimed as she entered the free Christmas store, “Coming here is like a fresh breath of air.”

The KCM Team knows they are sent by God to give the spiritual and natural hand of God to those who are hurting. All the toys were furnished out of the heart of love that marks KCM and their Partners.

To learn more about the KCM Disaster Relief Team, click here. 

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