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Join the 21-Day Faith Revolution!

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Are you ready for a revolution in your life? Join the 21-Day Faith Revolution and watch your victory unfold right before your eyes!


Can you change your life in 21 days? Absolutely! Research shows it takes 21 days to create a new habit. The kind of faith that moves mountains isn’t built in a day—it develops over time, but in 21 days, you can develop a new way of thinking and living that can last a lifetime. Faith isn’t something that shows up only in emergencies—it’s a lifestyle.

To make a change like that, you’re going to need an overhaul in the way you think, speak and live—a faith revolution. The definition of a revolution is a dramatic, wide-reaching change in the way people think about something.

The result? A new lease on life—hope, joy, peace…breakthrough. In a word—VICTORY.

It’s time we stop settling for second best—living in the expectations of the world—and step out into our calling. That calling is FAITH. It’s guaranteed to please God, and He’s already given us the steps to get there.

It’s time to make faith a way of life, and let the revolution spread from family to family, church to church and city to city. It’s time to start a movement of believers who are willing to take their faith to the next level—to believe bigger, reach higher, resist fear stronger and live bolder than ever before.

Are you ready to join the faith revolution? Here’s what to do: For the next 21 days, create a new habit of faith by engaging in each of the daily activities. Your life will be changed so much, you’ll start spreading the revolution just by living out your faith!

Day 1: Move the Word of God to the Front of the Line

Does the Word of God always seem to end up at the end of your to-do list? The Word of God is what will start a faith revolution in your life. This is where it all begins, and here’s how to start:

  • Purchase a one-year Bible or print out a daily reading plan HERE.
  • Don’t just read and study the Bible, ask the Holy Spirit to help you read every word through His leading. You may have read a certain verse a thousand times, but it will become fresh, new revelation under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Day 2: Carve Out a Regular Prayer Time

Life too busy to pray? It’s revolution time!

  • Determine to set a regular time to pray for the next 21 days. You may have to set an alarm for 15 minutes earlier than usual, but you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in the spirit realm in a short time, and the impact it will make on your day.
  • Pray A Prayer for a Faith Revolution in Your Life HERE.

Day 3: Pray in the Spirit

  • If you’ve never prayed in the Holy Spirit (tongues), it’s time to give it a try! It can feel uncomfortable at first, but the more you practice, the better you’ll get. You can try praying in the spirit silently to yourself first, then move into a quiet whisper. Before long, you’ll be praying boldly!
    • Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the ability to pray in the spirit. If you’re filled with the Spirit, it’s in there. You just have to put faith to it.
    • Need help? Learn more about receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit HERE.

Day 4: Pray With Praise and Thanksgiving

  • Today, focus your prayers on praise and thanksgiving. Don’t ask for anything—just worship.
    • Try to make this a habit each morning for at least 5 to 10 minutes, and then throughout the day. Worshipping the Lord is the key to supernatural breakthrough—but it has to be a lifestyle, not an event.

Day 5: Study Healing Scriptures

Even if you don’t need healing in your body today, healing scriptures can keep you living in divine health. They also prepare you with an arsenal for those times the enemy tries to put sickness on your body.

  • Find a list of Gloria Copeland’s favorite healing scriptures HERE.
  • Find the healing scriptures that healed Dodie Osteen of terminal cancer HERE.

Day 6: Forgive

Do you really want to see a faith revolution in your life? Forgive. The Bible tells us that faith works by love, and Jesus said when we stand praying, we must forgive. He tied that condition to receiving from God when we pray.

  • Today, sit down with a pen and paper (maybe a yellow pad!), and be quiet before the Lord.
  • Ask Him to reveal to you anyone you haven’t forgiven in your life. (This could go way back.)
  • Write down everyone who comes to mind. This could be individuals or even an entire group like a neighborhood, a church or a school.
  • There may be tiny, little “nothings” on the list, but those are important, too! It’s the small foxes that ruin the vines.
  • Then, ask God to help you forgive. It often takes supernatural help, doesn’t it?
  • From this day forward, keep your forgiveness list empty. Every time someone offends you, forgive immediately. Your faith will flow in ways you never dreamed possible!

Day 7: Give to Those in Need

What does giving have to do with faith? When we act in obedience to God’s Word, we position ourselves for victory in every area of our lives. Giving is sowing, and God says it will return to us.

  • Find a local food bank and donate canned items, clothing or anything else they need.
    • Donate time or money to a local shelter.
    • Know someone struggling in your church family? Bless them financially or start a meal chain for them.

Day 8: Focus on Your Words    

Today, be extra mindful of your words.

  • Don’t speak negatively about ANYTHING.
  • Don’t complain, grumble or gossip.
  • Speak the Word of God only about anything you see or hear.
  • Ask yourself, “Am I speaking fear or faith? Doubt or belief? Am I tearing down or building up?”

Day 9: Focus on Your Thoughts    

Yesterday, we focused on our words. Today, we will focus on our thoughts. Why? Because our words are the direct result of those thoughts. So, while you were getting a hold of your words yesterday, now you’ll be focusing on what is fueling those words.

  • When a negative or critical thought comes to mind, tune in. Start making a habit of recognizing those thoughts.
  • Remember, we don’t fight thoughts with thoughts—we fight thoughts with words. So, when a wrong thought comes, immediately speak truth.
  • For example, if you think something negative about another person, stop. Speak out, “I do not have a critical spirit. I have a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. I love this person with the love of God, and I do not hold any offense against him.”

Day 10: Study Scriptures About Finances    

Today, we are going to study scriptures about finances. This is how we will build our faith to receive God’s best. The more you feed your spirit with the truth of God’s Word, the easier it will be to believe for and receive debt-freedom, promotion, increase and wealth.

  • Find 70 Scriptures That Prove God Is Your Source HERE.
  • Speak Confessions for Financial Victory HERE.
  • Work through the KCM 10-Day Action Plan for Financial Breakthrough HERE.
  • Conduct your own study! God will reveal the scriptures you need most.

Day 11: Watch a Teaching About Walking in Love    

Today, we are focusing on our love walk, which is what fuels our faith!

  • Choose a teaching on VICTORY™ or on YouTube® to feed your faith.
  • Watch Kenneth Copeland teach why faith won’t work without love HERE.

Day 12: Read a Book That Will Feed Your Faith    

  • Today, go to the library or bookstore (or online!) and find a book that will feed your faith—then read it!
  • For devotionals, try Andrew Murray’s Absolute Surrender or Jeremy and Sarah Pearsons’ new devotional, From Glory to Glory.
  • For learning and growing, try Kenneth Hagin’s The Believer’s Authority, How You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God or Love: The Way to Victory.
  • For building faith, try God’s Will Is Prosperity by Gloria Copeland, THE BLESSING of The LORD Makes Rich by Kenneth Copeland, or Ever-Increasing Faith by Smith Wigglesworth.
  • For healing, try what Kenneth Copeland calls “the best book on healing ever written”: God’s Will to Heal by Keith Moore—Download this book FREE HERE.

Day 13: Watch Healing Testimonies on YouTube®   

Today, we will feed our faith for divine health and healing by watching powerful healing testimonies! This is a great way to build your faith in the area of healing.

Day 14: Pray Scriptures   

Today, we are going to focus on praying God’s Word. Rather than just making requests, we will make our prayers an act of speaking God’s Word to Him and expecting Him to respond. Isaiah 55:11 says His Word will not return void. Praying our own words is taking a shot at receiving an answer. Praying His Word means we hit the bullseye every time!

  • Purchase a journal and fill it up with categorized scriptures. On one page, you might have a list of verses about financial blessing, on another, scriptures about healing or family relationships.
  • As you pray, refer to the list you’ve made and pray God’s Word to Him. No begging or pleading—just pray His Word. Then, thank Him for the answer!

Day 15: Ask for Forgiveness   

It may be tempting, but don’t skip this one! Is there someone you may have offended? An area where you weren’t as honest as you could’ve been? Maybe you gossiped to a co-worker and brought them into your wrong choice. Perhaps you were short with your spouse.

  • Whatever it is, humble yourself. Ask for forgiveness. God exalts us when we humble ourselves—the reward is worth the small discomfort!
  • Repent before God for those areas that need correcting. Be specific! Ask for His help in getting this area right going forward.
  • Receive forgiveness. This is so important to your faith. Condemnation will keep you from receiving from God.

Day 16: Go After Fear   

Today, we are going after fear with a vengeance. Fear is a big hindrance to faith, so we’ve got to get serious about moving it out of our lives. If you have worry, stress, anxiety or shame—you’re living in fear. And it’s got to go. Fear and faith oppose one another and keep your faith from growing. Here’s how we’ll tackle fear and drive it out for good.

  • Today, and every day from now on, pay attention to any worried, stressful or fearful thoughts that come into your mind.
  • Avoid television programming that feeds fear (i.e., unsolved mystery news programs, violent films, horror movies, negative TV series)
  • Fight back fearful, stressed thoughts with your words. Have some scriptures handy that you can use to combat any fearful thoughts.
  • Speak out loud, “Fear, I resist you in Jesus’ Name. Now go from me!”

Day 17: Tune In to the Holy Spirit 

Are you listening to the Holy Spirit every minute of every day? Sound impossible? It isn’t! But it does involve creating a new habit. (That’s what the Faith Revolution is all about!) Today, we’re focusing on tuning in to the Spirit. Here’s how to approach this:

  • At the beginning of the day, ask the Lord to help you tune in and hear His leading.
  • With every decision (what to say or do and where to go), stop for a moment and listen for His leading.
  • Make decisions slower than you normally would. Let people know you’ll get back to them instead of answering right away.
  • Give yourself enough quiet time throughout the day to really hear from God.
  • Listen to Keith Moore teach you how to be Spirit-led, rather than head-led, emotion-led or people-led HERE.

Day 18: Tell Someone Your Glory Story   

Today, we are going to focus on sharing our glory story (or stories!) with others. This helps to build the faith of others, while reminding ourselves of all God has done for us, which builds our own faith!

  • Make a list of the miracles you’ve seen in your life.
  • When you talk to someone on the phone, sit with your spouse or visit your grandchildren, take the time to share a story of the goodness of God in your life.
  • Repeating the good things God has done is a powerful tool in building your faith!

Day 19: Practice Patience   

Today, we are going to practice patience. If you said, “I don’t have time for that!” you’re in the right place.

Faith and patience are the power twins. That’s why faith won’t work without patience. So mastering patience is critical to your faith revolution.

  • Practice patience in your everyday life—on the roads, in stores, with your spouse. In doing so, you will become more proficient at using patience in your spiritual life, as well.
  • Have you become impatient in something you’re believing God for? Take the time to get with the Lord, and ask Him to reveal to you how to operate in patience in this area.
  • Study scriptures about the faith greats and how they used patience to get to the promise. Mimic their prayers and actions. Ask God to show you the areas in your life that need correcting (there is always something!) and focus on becoming obedient rather than on what you aren’t receiving.

Day 20: Participate in a Fast   

Today, we are going to participate in a fast for 24 hours. (Please do not do this without checking with your doctor first, and only do so if your current medical condition permits it.)

  • During this time, we will not consume food: only water, herbal tea or bone broth. (You may tailor this to suit your own needs, such as including juice.)
  • Focus on spending time with the Lord, praying and listening for the voice of the Holy Spirit.
  • Allow the Lord to bring up revelation you’ve received over the course of this faith revolution.

Questions about fasting? Find the answers you need HERE.

Day 21: Engage in a Time of Reflection   

Today, we are going to reflect on what changes we’ve seen in our lives over the last 21 days.

  • Take the time to journal or pray about what you’ve learned and how you want to change moving forward.
  • In your journal, ask and answer the following questions:
    • How have I changed over the last 21 days?
    • What has God revealed to me during this time?
    • What breakthroughs in my finances, health or relationships have come to pass?
    • What can I do to make this faith revolution a way of life?

Congratulations! You completed the 21-Day Faith Revolution! Twenty-one days of stirring up mountain-moving faith. How did you do? Has anything changed in your life? Let us know in the comments below. You can choose to work through this 21-Day journey a second or third time to renew your mind and make living a life of faith one that is second nature, and more and more victorious. Whatever you do, stay the course and run your race with perseverance!

Watch Kenneth Copeland teach about the force of mountain-moving faith.