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Fabulous Outpourings at SWBC17

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We truly reached new levels of faith and fabulous outpourings at SWBC17! If you were there and uploaded photos to your Instagram with hashtag #SWBC17, look for and share your photos below!


What a week of fabulous outpourings of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit we had at the 2017 Southwest Believers’ Convention (SWBC17)! We celebrated 50 years of ministry with our Partners, Friends, pastors, churches and other ministries. Approximately 12,000 people joined us for this milestone celebration, which took place at the Fort Worth Convention Center, located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, Texas. All 50 U.S. states and 144 countries were represented (includes online participation).


The event kicked off on Sunday, July 30, with ONE Worship Night featuring special guest speaker John Gray; and songwriters, artists and producers Dara Maclean, Anthony Skinner and Michael Howell. This event was followed by six days of teaching the Anointed Word of God from Kenneth Copeland, Jerry SavelleJesse DuplantisCreflo Dollar, Bill Winston and Keith Moore. In addition, we held pre-service prayer with Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons before each morning and evening service.


Children and teens were impacted like we’ve never seen before. More than 2,000 Superkids and teenagers were ignited to serve the living God and visibly transformed by the mighty power of the Holy Spirit during our Superkid Academy and 14forty youth services.


Our evangelism team, led by KCM’s Minister of Evangelism Riley Stephenson, conducted hands-on evangelism training with event attendees every day. They hit the streets of downtown Fort Worth, where they led 2,777 people to receive Jesus as their Lord. We even held water baptisms! Check out this video.


At Healing School, we reviewed 101 Healing Scriptures, and we took our healing! Many were healed with visible signs, wonders and miracles!