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Kenneth Copeland Ministries is reaching out to the world through every available voice! Whether it’s bringing the Word through sports camps in Uganda, helping orphans in Mexico or raising up preachers in prisons, you’re changing lives through your partnership with KCM every day. Read the latest updates here.

Love Wins This Christmas

By Riley Stephenson Christmas dinner with the family is only a few days away. How can we have a peaceful holiday with those family members we choose to see only once a year at Christmas? A friend of mine recently shared with me that often people don’t want to go home or be with family…


Helping Ukrainian Jews Come Home to Israel

We’re happy to report that on Oct. 6, 2021, KCM, EMIC and YOU had a part in bringing a whole plane load of Ukrainian Jews home to Israel! One of the biggest themes throughout the whole Bible is God’s faithfulness to the Jews and calling them back to the land of Israel (Jeremiah 31:10). Known…

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Where Is Your Focus?

It is easy for us to have an inward focus in the times we are living in. We’ve been told to stay at home and focus on self-preservation. We spend our time making money or being with our families or living for the weekends. But we can’t get caught up in our personal bubbles to…


Sharing Your Faith: An Essential Business

It has officially been one year since the first shutdown from COVID-19 occurred. While most of the world has shut down, faith has not. And what a prime opportunity for us as believers to get out and share the good news, bringing faith to a world living in fear, isolation, division and desperation. 2,000 years ago, Jesus gave the Great Commission to every believer:…

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7 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Evangelize

It’s time. Time to minister the gospel to a lost world. Time to not only speak out for change in our nation but to bring change through the greatest transforming power of all time. It’s time to step up our game in the area of evangelism. The word of the Lord through Brother Copeland is…

Bringing Hope to Juarez, Mexico

KCM has partnered with Alvarado Ministries International to build a soup kitchen, church and orphanage in one of the poorest parts of Juarez. This year, Oct. 16-18, 2020, Kenneth Copeland Ministries held the Juárez Victory Campaign in the city of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. This event hosted by Alvarado Ministries International (AMI) brought the Word of…