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Elite CX Team

The Elite CX Team, founded by Mac Gober more than a decade ago, is a special team of believers dedicated to standing for and sowing into special projects as the Lord leads. Over the years, they’ve been responsible for making sure God’s Word is spread around the world as fast and as clearly as possible.

Today, the Elite CX Team is standing for its third mission: a Gulfstream V to increase the outreaches of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Eagle Mountain International Church, Reinhard Bonnke Ministries and other worldwide ministries so we can take the gospel to all people.

Watch the video below to learn more about this project and see how you can be part of this committed team, bringing the message of faith to the world.

Has the Lord called you to join us in this mission to bring the Word to the world?

The Elite CX Team Is Born

“TEAM: Together Everyone Accomplishes Much!” – Mac Gober, founder of the Elite CX Team The Elite CX Team vision was validated in the prophecy given by Keith Moore on Sept. 20, 2002, to Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. As you read, you will see that it explains the purpose of the Elite CX Team. We are…

Elite CX Team