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Bringing Hope to Juarez, Mexico

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KCM has partnered with Alvarado Ministries International to build a soup kitchen, church and orphanage in one of the poorest parts of Juarez.

We want to share some good news with you about how we’re bringing the hope of Jesus to Juarez, Mexico!

Juarez, where more than 70% of the residents live below the poverty line, is the hometown of Sergio Alvarado, founder of Alvarado Ministries International. Sergio believes God saved him from extreme poverty and a life of drugs, so he could help bring the hope of God’s love to this city. 

KCM has partnered with Sergio and is working together with his ministry to build a soup kitchen, church and orphanage in one of the poorest parts of Juarez.

Watch this video to see all the work being done!

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Read more about Sergio and this outreach in the January issue of the BVOV magazine.

A special thank-you goes to all the KCM Partners who demonstrate that #MinistryMatters by supporting the work being done to take the gospel all around the world. Because you pray and because you give, you make this possible!

We are so blessed to be in ministry together. Remember, we love you. God loves you, and…


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