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Kenneth’s Big, Heavenly, Audacious Goal (BHAG)!

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Would you like to totally bless hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of others? Would you be interested in being a part of a move of God so big, it’ll be unlike anything we’ve seen…ever? OK, well you and Kenneth Copeland and the entire KCM staff are on the same page. In 1998, God asked Kenneth to believe for one million Partners to come into this ministry so more people can be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. One million Partners…that is what we like to call a BHAG – a Big, Heavenly, Audacious Goal!!!

Check out this chart about what it means to have a BHAG…


We are deeply passiionate about our mission! So far, we’ve amassed hundreds of thousands of Partners (with God’s help, of course), and the impact has been great, with our television broadcast, website, podcast, magazine and outreaches all over the world. But we can do more. In fact, we are destined to do more.


Think of the impact a one-million person army working together can make…One million people praying for each other and the nations every single day. One million people helping reach those who desperately need the gospel.


Just imagine how quickly one million can get the gospel preached to the whole world!


What would it take for this to happen?


First, it takes Bible-believing Christians like you to make it happen. And as Ephesians 6:8 promises, God will bless you for it.


This verse essentially says, “What you make happen for someone else, God will make happen for you.”


Kenneth and Gloria have stood in faith for this BHAG for 18 years. Now, this is your chance to add your faith with theirs and “make the gospel happen.” Be the reason why this life-saving message happens for those who need it most. Be the reason why Kenneth and Gloria realize their dream of one million Partners strong!


Now, you may be wondering…how much does it cost?


Partnership doesn’t cost anything, except your commitment to stand with us for our BHAG mission.  And you don’t have to give monthly donations!


Partnership is about a covenant relationship between you and Kenneth Copeland Ministries. When you Partner with KCM, Kenneth and Gloria (and the entire KCM staff) are committed to praying for you every single day and to providing continuous, faith-based teaching. For your part, we ask you to commit to pray for us as we do for you, and to give financially only as the Lord leads.


Think about what it’s like to know that Kenneth Copeland is praying for you and your family every day. Moreover, think about what it’s like to know that you support a ministry that is changing people’s lives every day with the love of Jesus. Think about what it’s like to be a part of an army of believers making the gospel happen all over this earth!


So, what do you say…Are you in? Will you stand with us?


Click the button below to let us know that you are in, and say yes to Partnership with KCM! 




We are celebrating 50 years as a ministry this year, and we couldn’t think of anything that would make the year more special than you joining us in this BHAG mission!


Already a KCM partner?  Click here to add your photo to our 50th Anniversary Yearbook.


You are a blessing to us! Remember…Jesus Is Lord!

-Team KCM