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Believers’ Academy Helps Build a Strong, Spiritual Foundation

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The verdict is in! A few weeks ago, we asked for your feedback about our online Believers’ Academy courses, and the response was overwhelming! Many of you wrote and shared how Believers’ Academy has blessed you, and even helped you discover foundational truths you thought you already knew.

Here are some of the tremendous stories we received from people just like you, who have taken Believers’ Academy courses:

“Have done this course and loved it. Made a major difference to my prayer life. Praying with purpose and getting results. Thank you.” – Bernadette

“It is great…hungry for more. PLEASE keep it going. It is really helping me.” – David

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new format! It is exciting; it enables me to study at my own pace. I have several lessons downloaded and am planning my schedule around the Word of God. Thank you so very much for following the Lord and placing this new arena of learning at my fingertips!!! God bless your ministry for many, many, many years to come.” – Sandra

“Yes, I love it. Thank you! I’ve taken 2 courses.”  – Pam

 “The Believers’ Academy has been a true blessing. The lessons really help me to better understand, what I thought I already knew. Thank you so much.” – Angela

“I absolutely love Believers’ Academy! I’ve been working my way through the courses, as I want to take all of them. I am also trying to share them as Bible studies with family gathered, so we can watch them together. I print extras of each course related handout and it’s fantastic. KCM has definitely been prepared for such as time as this. I know there are other ministries out there that are doing their best as well to educate and support the Body of Christ – God bless them too – but to my mind and heart, KCM is the top, the main ministry.  I believe your technology/web team and ministry/teaching/design teams are the absolute best (and I’m speaking as an IT person). KCM is family to me. I have been learning so much from all you provide… you are such a blessing. I hope you will continue to build on the courses and content. Thank you and God bless you for all you do!” – Karen

“I found the academy very user friendly and valuable in my studies. I want to thank you for allowing access to the excellent materials it contains. I will be using it even further in the near future as time allows. Again, thank you.” – Thomas

“I’ve been so thoroughly blessed by the Believers’ Academy! The videos and lesson materials are awesome! I’ve been taking the Faith course, and learning how to cultivate my faith to help me walk closer to God and receive His promises for my life. I have been speaking “faith words” and God has been blessing me tremendously!! God is so awesome! I have tasted and seen how good God is!! I have been sharing the information about and the Believers’ Academy with members of my church and family. They have registered to become Partners. They are also taking courses in the Believers’ Academy and enjoying the WEALTH of information that provides. May the blessings of God overtake all aspects of Kenneth Copeland Ministries and the Partners!” – Kelesha

“Just started it today on prayer and am planning on using it for our church midweek prayer and bible study. Thanks for making this available.” – James

“This has helped me so much. I love downloading the teachings and hearing them when I get off work. Thank you so much for making this available. Thank you.” – Susan

 “So excited to have this teaching. Didn’t know I didn’t know some of the basics. So very encouraging to have confirmation on what a believer is supposed to know. I have caught up on so many teachings through these lessons. It’s a wonderful feeling to have the joy of the Lord and the witness of the Holy Spirit through these teachings. I appreciate that the Lord is using Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and ALL the helpers and staff to bring the Word so open (free) and faithfully. I finally understand what is being taught and can see the connection to the continued teachings of the Word. Thank you so much!” – Christine

 “I just watched the first lesson on prayer and I was blessed. I want more…thanks for doing this. Somehow I lost my way and Kenneth’s teaching is so powerful. The word is life and the strong presentation is what I need to wake up and take my place as a believer.” – Maria

“It’s GREAT, WONDERFUL, MARVELOUS!!! I feel so blessed that God, through your ministry, has made available to us the teaching you have been so obedient and gracious to provide. My prayer for you is that God will bless me to be a blessing to and through your ministry and teaching in JESUS’ NAME, AMEN!” – Valerie

 “I am so blessed to enjoy your knowledge and to apply this to my life. Please do not take it down. I am also starting to teach my grandchildren using the one on faith.” – Merlyn

 “I just discovered the Academy online and I absolutely love it. The courses are very foundational and very easy to follow. I co-pastor alongside my husband and would love to take these lessons and teach to the congregation.” – Sherry

 “I truly enjoy the Believers’ Academy. It is a wealth of information, easy to access and very convenient. I have learned a great deal from watching it. Thank you.” – Kathleen

 Have you taken a course yet? If not, what are you waiting for? It’s easy to get started and it’s absolutely free. Click here to view our list of courses and begin building your strong, spiritual foundation today!