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A Tribute to Pastor Harold Nichols

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photo_172701_85856_0_1382807100nicholsharold02_20131026All the saints and angels in heaven rose on Friday, Oct. 25, 2013, when Pastor Harold Nichols arrived. Pastor Nichols, age 93, moved on to his heavenly home having fulfilled a life of service to God’s people and ministry of the uncompromised Word of God.

Pastor Harold’s life affected people by encouraging their walk with Jesus Christ and the calling to their ministries. His faith and actions changed the lives of many who considered him their spiritual mentor. He was Kenneth and Gloria’s pastor for years and baptized all the Copeland family in water.

Pastor Harold was the first pastor to invite Kenneth Copeland to minister when the Lord called him to preach after leaving Oral Roberts University. That three-day meeting was the launching pad for over 45 years of ministry—and Kenneth and Gloria are ever grateful to Pastor Harold and his wife, Lou, for being their pastors, their friends, and their first hosts in the ministry of God’s Word.

Thank you Pastor Harold Nichols. We will miss you and look forward to joining you in glory!