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A Journey to Prosperity

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KCM Partner Roy King shares his journey to prosperity in this powerful interview with Kenneth Copeland Ministries staff. Watch to see how faith in God’s Word changed Roy’s life!

Before he learned what God’s Word has to say about prosperity, finances and living a blessed life, Roy was unemployed and tired of trying to get ahead by sheer grit. When a friend handed him a copy of Kenneth Copeland’s book, Laws of Prosperity, Roy’s life changed.

He began studying God’s Word every day and learned to apply it by the principles of faith. This led to him hearing and recognizing the voice of the Holy Spirit. In time, the Holy Spirit directed him to specific investments that resulted in his financial freedom. Watch as Roy shares his favorite verses from the Word, truths that he has learned throughout his walk, and how applying the Word and the principles of faith have changed his life and the life of his family. Don’t miss this inspiring interview.

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If you know people who need to hear Roy’s journey of prosperity, share this video with them. Let it inspire them to get out of the world’s economic system and begin operating in the kingdom of God’s economic system so they can experience their own journey to prosperity!

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