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Is God Really Your Source?

Use This 6-Point Checklist to Find Out If You’re Relying on God to Meet All Your Needs READING TIME: 7 MINutes Years ago, the Lord gave a powerful word to Kenneth Copeland that has changed his life and the lives of KCM Partners around the world: Don’t look to the government for your supply. Don’t look to…


The 7 Laws of Prosperity

If you’re ready to live the life God desires you to have, it’s important to understand whole-life prosperity. Begin today with these 7 laws of prosperity. Well-being. Success. Abundance. Overflow. These are all definitions of the good life—of prosperity. And despite religious tradition claiming that it is ungodly or selfish, prosperity is God’s will for…


5 Ways to Overcome Financial Pressure

Facing extreme financial pressure? There is a way out. Learn how you can take victory with these five ways to overcome financial pressure. There aren’t many things that can cause more stress and anxiety than financial pressure. It can be an all-consuming worry during the day and keep you up all night. The longer it…