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50th Anniversary Digital Yearbook

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We’re commemorating 50 years of ministry with a digital yearbook that includes pictures of our Partners from all over the world! If you’re a Partner with KCM, we would be honored if you would help us put a face to your name by adding your photo to this page.


Not a KCM Partner? You can join us today! Read all about our BHAG mission and why you want to lock arms with us in Partnership!


To add your photo, simply upload your photo to your favorite social network like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag “#KCMPartner”.  We will search for the hashtag and pull your picture on to this page when we find it!


Sound complicated? It’s not! Here are step-by-step instructions:


1. Copy the following message (be sure to include the hashtag):

My name is [first name + last name], and I have been a #KCMpartner since [insert year].

*Click the button above to copy the message, then right-click on your mouse to paste the message on your favorite social network. Be sure to insert your name into the message where indicated.


2. Paste the above message into a post on one of the following social media sites: Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


3. Add your favorite photo of yourself, and post the message and photo to your feed. **Please note, your photo must be set to public to be included in our yearbook.


4. Your photo will show up below within 30 minutes.


*Disclaimer: Once you upload your photo to this site, you are granting KCM permission to use it on this page and in future online and print communications.


Kenneth Copeland Ministries

50th Anniversary Digital Yearbook