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5 Reasons Why Faith Specialists Will See Manifest Power in 2020

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Here are five reasons why faith specialists will see manifest power in 2020, and how you can become a faith specialist yourself.


Imagine you own a 1961 Chevrolet Corvette, like Jerry Savelle. Now also imagine you’ve spent years (and plenty of money) working to restore it to mint condition. You’ve given it a special place in your garage, and you put considerable effort into taking care of it. One day, as you’re driving the sparkling beauty, it begins making a banging sound under the hood. Uh-oh. Something’s not right.

What are you going to do?

Would you just drop it off at the corner oil change place? Of course not!

You wouldn’t just turn to anyone—you would call a specialist. Someone who has extensive experience and is highly skilled in dealing with classic cars. All the hard work and money you’ve invested is worth protecting.

What about your whole life? How important is that? How important are your family, health and finances?

Those things are all in your hands—in the care of your faith. You’ve invested a lot in them, and you care about them deeply. Even more than that 1961 Corvette, your life needs to be in the care of an expert. When trials come, or you’re facing the challenges of day-to-day living, you don’t want to be in an amateur state of faith. You need to become a faith specialist to see manifest power in your life!

The word of the Lord through Kenneth Copeland for the year 2020 speaks of an increase in manifest power among Christians and in the Church. (Read the word of the Lord for 2020 HERE.)

You can be part of this increase of God’s display of power in your own life by moving from beginner to pro with your faith. Here are five reasons why faith specialists will see manifest power in 2020, and how you can become a faith specialist yourself.

1. Faith Specialists Stay in Their Calling

Some people have criticized Kenneth Copeland for spending the majority of his time preaching on faith. He makes no apologies for this. “That’s my calling,” he says. “It’s my job.”

In following the specific call on his life, Brother Copeland has kept himself from being distracted by the criticisms or demands of others who would like to pull him off course. He knows that it takes the entire Body of Christ to present a complete picture—no one person should try to achieve this. While he flows in the specialty of faith, others flow in healing, the strength of families or preserving biblical values in the public square.

He shared recently about the importance of faith specialists staying in their calling.

“We are at a place right now in the kingdom of God where we are required to understand the ministry of a pastor. He is called to cover The WORD of God, but it is very necessary for a pastor to know the calling of his church and stay in that calling.”

In other words, if the calling of a church is to major on faith, evangelism, healing or any other flow, that’s where the focus should be—that should be that pastor’s specialty. Just as there are general practitioners who practice general family medicine, there are also specialists.

Your wealth—spiritually and otherwise—is in your calling. And when you’re in your calling, you’ll see an increase in manifest power in 2020. Find out what you’re called to and stay in it. (Use these 3 Simple Tips for Finding Your Calling.) Don’t try to anoint yourself. Just be available.

 2. Faith Specialists Are Bold

Aside from knowing their calling, another reason why faith specialists will see power manifest this year is because they are bold. Proverbs 28:1 tells us, “The godly are as bold as lions.”

Bold about what?

  • Bold in responding to the Holy Spirit.
  • Bold in obeying the Word of God.
  • Bold in laying hands on the sick.
  • Bold in claiming covenant rights.
  • Bold in speaking the truth to the world.
  • Bold all the time!

Some people see bold as brash, but that isn’t the biblical definition of boldness. You should always follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and let everything you do be done in love. Faith specialists are bold with a holy boldness—one that won’t shrink back when the world speaks or when adverse circumstances come knocking at the door. That’s how they’ll see an increase in manifest power in 2020!

If you want to be a faith specialist and see that same power this year, learn to be bold! Ask God to help you develop the kind of faith that lives boldly for Him.

Watch as Kenneth Copeland teaches you to be bold with your words.

3. Faith Specialists Act on Their Faith

As we’ve discussed so far, faith specialists stay in their calling and live boldly. Faith specialists are also set apart from other believers because they do this…

Act on their faith.

The difference between someone who just dabbles in faith and a faith specialist is in their actions. Faith specialists don’t wait until they see a manifestation to act on the Word of God—they act on their faith before they see any evidence at all. That is why they will be recipients of the increased manifest power in 2020.

There was a pastor who was believing God to build a church building. When he felt in his spirit that God had given him permission to move forward, he praised and thanked Him. But God wanted more. He wanted action, so He told the pastor to step out.

Though he didn’t have the money to build the entire building, he did have the money to dig a hole. So that’s what he did. That church building is sitting there today—and it was built completely debt free.

A faith specialist doesn’t just believe the Word of God and speak the Word of God—he or she acts on that faith. Just as the woman with the issue of blood did when she reached out to touch Jesus’ robe and the four men did when they lowered their friend to Jesus for healing.

When Kenneth Hagin was believing for his healing at age 17, he first believed the Word, then spoke the Word. All that was left was an action. Lying paralyzed from the waist down in his bed, he pushed one leg over the side, then the other. Once he was on the floor, he began to pull himself up. By the time he had done so, he was healed! His action brought a manifestation to what he already knew to be true.

James 2:26 (KJV) says, “Faith without works is dead.” No works equals no faith. A faith specialist always puts action to faith to see results. You will experience the manifest power of God as you do this in 2020 and beyond!

4. Faith Specialists Operate From the Inside Out

You’ll never find faith specialists talking about their natural circumstances as if they were final. They’ve spent too long in the Word of God to believe circumstances over what God has said. So, when a bad report comes, they don’t lock onto it—they look inside where truth resides. They operate from the inside out. (Find out how you can tap into the power inside you HERE.)

Faith specialists don’t waste time searching “out there somewhere” for the power of God. They already know it’s right there with them—living inside them—waiting to be accessed. They understand that, as born-again Christians, God is living on the inside of them, and He is waiting to give them the answers to every question or problem they encounter.

So, when physical symptoms show up, they don’t make the world’s ways their first line of defense; they speak the Word and listen for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. When strife tries to come into their families, they don’t run to the internet—they turn to the power of the Spirit of God living inside them. (Learn to be led by the Spirit of God in any situation with these practical tips.)

Because of their connection with the living God on the inside, they are going to have a front-row seat to God’s manifest power in 2020. Does that sound like you? It can be!

5. Faith Specialists Guard Their Words

Of all the other traits we’ve talked about, here’s where the difference really comes in. A person’s words are a total giveaway of what’s in his or her heart (Luke 6:45). Faith specialists are easy to find because they guard their words.

You won’t find faith specialists sounding anything like the evening news or people on the street. They won’t proclaim that they get the flu every year or that they’ll never be able to afford a new car. They don’t quote statistics about divorce rates or homes damaged by tornadoes. That’s not their source of information.

Faith specialists know you have what you say, so they keep their words in line with the Word of God as if their lives depend on it—because they know they do. And they certainly won’t be found speaking unbelief, strife or unforgiveness. If any of those things try to wedge their way into their lives, you’ll likely hear faith specialists say something like this:

“Devil, you’re not coming in my house, my ministry or my body, or out of my mouth. I will not allow it in the Name of Jesus!”

They drive out the devil’s strategies like you would a diamondback snake who’d found its way into your house.

No matter what happens in the lives of faith specialists, they speak positive words only and keep the negative words that contradict God’s Word out of their vocabulary. They’ve learned that the life they have now—the manifest power they’re experiencing—is the result of yesterday’s words. And they have every intention of framing a prosperous tomorrow with well-guarded words spoken today. (Learn how you can change your life circumstances with your words HERE.)

If these five reasons why faith specialists will see manifest power in 2020 seem tough to master—remember one thing—no one becomes a specialist at anything overnight. It takes practice! Keep practicing these traits, and you’ll become a faith specialist, living an amazing life, sooner than you think.

Watch Kenneth Copeland teach at EMIC about our mission as faith specialists.

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