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2023 – A Kenneth Copeland Ministries Year in Review

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When you turn support into partnership, greater impact happens – both in the ministry and in your life!

Take a look at all Kenneth Copeland Ministries was able to accomplish just last year, simply because of the many men and women just like you that came alongside us in partnership. When you read about the impact all over world, remember that every partner shares in the harvest of every good work because of that covenant of partnership.

Remember 1 Samuel 30:24 (Modern English Version), ‘And who will listen to you in this matter? Indeed as the share is of the one going down to battle, so will be the share of the one staying with the equipment. They will share equally.’”

Put your faith on the results in this report. These are the seeds of support and partnership around the world coming together in a powerful way. If you support the work, then your harvest is coming! At the same time, faithfully consider turning your support into partnership today. We want the harvest and covenant rewards of all this ministry is able to accomplish because of partners just like you to be abundantly poured out in your life in every way!

Join us in covenant partnership today!

I thought I already was a Partner?

We thought you might say that…that is why we wanted to ask. We don’t have this email address on file as a Partner, though. So, would you kindly click the button below and fill out this form with your most updated contact information? We will be sure to mark you as the Partner you are in our records. Or if you prefer, give us a call at 800-600-7395.

Thank you so much for your partnership. Together we are changing lives!