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2016 – March Wallpaper

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March’s digital wallpaper is ready to download!  This wallpaper can be saved to your desktop computer or mobile device. The Holy Spirit really is your helper—so pray, listen and obey!

Click here to download the Desktop version.

Click here to download the Mobile vesion.

Desktop Computer Instructions
For most desktop computers, click the link to download the image. Then, navigate to your downloads folder to find your newly downloaded image. Next, simply right-click the image and select “Set as desktop background or wallpaper.”

Mobile Device Instructions
For most mobile devices, click the link to download the image to your device’s photo album. Then, in most cases, you can change your wallpaper background or lock screen from the Settings menu. If you can’t find this setting, consult your device’s help section or manual for instructions on how to apply the image as your new wallpaper or lock screen.