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Elite CX Team

The Elite CX Team, founded by Mac Gober more than a decade ago, is a special team of believers dedicated to standing for and sowing into special projects as the Lord leads. Over the years, they’ve been responsible for making sure God’s Word is spread around the world as fast and as clearly as possible.

Today, the Elite CX Team is standing for its third mission: a Gulfstream V to increase the outreaches of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Eagle Mountain International Church, Reinhard Bonnke Ministries and other worldwide ministries so we can take the gospel to all people.

Watch the video below to learn more about this project and see how you can be part of this committed team, bringing the message of faith to the world.

Has the Lord called you to join us in this mission to bring the Word to the world?

Light Is Progressive. The Vision Grows

I know that, as members of the Elite CX Team, you’ve been sowing your seed and waiting in faith for news of Mission 3 status. As you know, our goal was to receive enough contributions by Dec. 15, 2016, to purchase a second Citation X at a greatly discounted price of approximately $17 million. Though…

Elite CX Team

The Vision Lives On

The Elite CX Team continues to be a big part of helping us fulfill the things God has ordained for Kenneth Copeland Ministries. We have two missions fully accomplished, and Mission 3—to bring in the second Citation X—is well underway! At the 2016 Southwest Believers’ Convention, we welcomed our new CX Team leadership: Charlie and…

Elite CX Team

Mission #3: Citation X Airplane 2

The latest mission the Lord has called us to is securing a second Citation X airplane to increase the ease of outreach for other ministries worldwide, such as Reinhard Bonnke’s evangelistic association. Together, we can get this message of faith to the world! Watch this video to learn more and see how you can join…

Elite CX Team

Operation HD Is a Success!

For our second mission, the Lord led us to believe for a fully equipped, state-of-the-art, mobile HD TV truck…and our Partners came through! Now the message of faith, presented through our events and the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast, is crystal clear and ready for the next generation of video delivery. The Elite CX Team…

Elite CX Team

Mission #2: Operation HD

In 1991 KCM purchased its first mobile video production facility consisting of a TV truck, cameras, switcher and audio gear, which has supported the production of well over 5,000 hours of on-location footage at meetings. The equipment has been used also for all studio taping of over 4500 Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcasts. With over…

Elite CX Team

Citation X Delivered!

Mac Gober began the Elite CX team to stand for a new Citation X airplane for Kenneth Copeland Ministries, so we could preach the uncompromised Word of the Lord around the globe without hindrance. The goal has been met and travel times are significantly decreased—making our ability to physically preach the Word easier than ever.…

Elite CX Team

Mission #1: Citation X Airplane

Hello. I’m Mac Gober with Canaan Land Ministries, but today I’m coming to you as a Partner of KCM. God has put something on my heart, and I have a mandate from Him to share it with you. One night while I was having dinner with John Copeland, I asked him, “John, just how many…

Elite CX Team

The Elite CX Team Is Born

“TEAM: Together Everyone Accomplishes Much!” – Mac Gober, founder of the Elite CX Team The Elite CX Team vision was validated in the prophecy given by Keith Moore on Sept. 20, 2002, to Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. As you read, you will see that it explains the purpose of the Elite CX Team. We are…

Elite CX Team